Fat-Loss Needle-Free Mesotherapy with 3D CryoFuse

Cryofuse - Fat Loss Mesotherapy
3D Lipo

PPC Treatment without any Pain or Side-effects

Completely pain-free and safe, this treatment offers all the benefit of your typical fat-loss injections without the side-effects.

A targeted delivery of a powerful cocktail of active ingredients via a unique cryo-plate, electroporation treatment technology.

Possible as either as a stand-alone treatment or combined with another 3D Lipo technology, this treatment supports Lipolysis, the breaking down of fat in the body, by decreasing the size of fat cells; smoothes unsightly cellulite; enhances skin tone and increases the skin’s elasticity.

The Benefits

  • Breaks down of fat in the body (lipolysis)

  • Smooth unsightly cellulite

  • Enhance skin tone

  • Increase the skin’s elasticity

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3D Cryofuse combines with both Cryolipolysis & Cavitation for maximum results

Popular 3D Cryofuse Treatment Areas

Pick Your Areas of Concern

  • Stomach

  • Love Handles

  • Thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Upper arms

  • Bra-line

  • Calves

* World Exclusive *

Lose fat without any pain

How Does 3D Cryofuse Work?

PPC or Phosphatidylcholine is a purified extract form of Lecithin which is a well known medication used in the medical industry.

PPC has been mentioned in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology claiming its use for Lipolysis, the breaking down of fat in the body. According to the data PPC helps activate and deliver other active ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Sodium Deoxycholate and Caffeine to action Lipoysis directly. PPC combined with 3D Lipo Cryofuse allows the substances to break down fat cells more effectively.

There have been many studies in the localized treatment of fat using PPC and PPC injections. It has been recognised in America after a clinical paper announced the effectiveness of PPC in Lipolysis. Known as the Fat Jab the injection method comes with significant disadvantages including high cost of treatment, pain and in some instances some side effects. Good results have been witnessed using topical creams alone our unique Cryofuse handset combining cryo (Freezing) and electroporation (Product infusion) non-invasively delivers the active ingredients where they are needed most!

3D CryoFuse PPC Prices

3D CryoFuse PPCx 1 Areax 2 Areasx 3 Areasx 4 Areas
x 1 treatment€60€110€160€205
x 8 treatments€440€805€1170€1500
x 12 treatments€600€1095€1595€2045
x 18 treatments€810€1475€2150€2750
x 24 treatments€960€1750€2545€3250

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