Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

An invigorating massage, concentrating on the tension hot-spots of the back, neck and shoulders. A great way to relieve tension and to get rid of any built up stress. This will leave you feeling fantastically fresh and free from any strains!

Back, Neck & Shoulder               45 mins

Intensity   * /  **

Massage Intensity Guide

*Soft and relaxing – unwind and fall asleep
*  *Firm – a little discomfort may be felt
*  *  *Strong – some discomfort will be felt




Massage Prices

Relaxing Massage55 mins€65
Therapeutic Massage55 mins€65
Deep Tissue Massage50 mins€70
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage30 mins€40
Hot Stone Massage85 mins€90
Indian Head Masssage45 mins€55