massage-limassol-cyprusMassage at Therapolis, Limassol, Cyprus

We provide a wide selection of massages

Therapolis Massages cover all ends of the massage treatment spectrum, from a Relaxing Massage for someone looking to de-stress, unwind and relax, to a Therapeutic Massage, created to provide relief for aches and pains held deep within the body’s tissue structures.

All our massages are carried out by specialists to provide you with the optimum massage experience.


Therapolis Massages available include the following:


Massage Intensity Guide

*Soft and relaxing – unwind and fall asleep
*  *Firm – a little discomfort may be felt
*  *  *Strong – some discomfort will be felt



Massage Prices

Relaxing Massage55 mins€65
Therapeutic Massage55 mins€65
Deep Tissue Massage50 mins€70