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At Therapolis we use the world’s leading Laser-IPL Hair Removal technology to provide you with the latest available breakthrough in the field of effective and safe Laser-IPL Hair Removal

Our Pain-Free permanent hair removal technology give you the most Painless, Safe & Effective Laser-IPL Hair Removal treatment in Cyprus, for both Women & Men

Do you want?

  • to free yourself from unwanted hair
  • the latest technology available in Cyprus
  • the best results GUARANTEED
  • a totally painless treatment
  • complete safety
  • to continue treatment SAFELY even during the Summer months
  • the best prices for the best technology
Guarantee Laser-IPL hair removal Limassol Cyprus

Therapolis’ Laser-IPL Hair Removal System is your answer

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We are so confident in that our Laser-IPL Hair Removal technology is so superior to anything else, and that our experience in treating unwanted hair effectively is so extensive, that we offer a FREE LASER-IPL HAIR REMOVAL TRIAL TREATMENT for you to find out for yourself.

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Therapolis Laser-IPL Hair Removal Technology

  • combines the advantages of Laser technology
  • with the significant benefits of an IPL technology
  • is the best of both technology Laser & IPL
  • a first in the field of Hair Removal technology
  • gives you with the results you deserve
Before & After Laser-IPL Hair Removal Results

Benefits of Therapolis’ advanced Hair Removal Technology

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Maximum hair removal results in all treatment stages
  • 30%-40% reduction in number of treatments due to unique patented technology
  • Up to 95% hair reduction
  • Treatment can be carried out during Summer & on tanned skins with unique and exclusive Summer Safe Laser treatment technology
  • Contact skin cooling (0°C) produces skin analgesia (no pain) and prevents skin burns to maximize patient comfort
  • No need for cold gel or analgesic cream
  • Effective solution for all patient profiles (skin types & hair types)
  • Incredible Safe with reliable hair removal results


Significantly enhances comfort & safety

The Therapolis Laser-Hair Removal device’s hand piece incorporates a Sapphire light guide which is cooled to extremely low temperatures using a thermoelectric cooler (TEC). Due to a highly efficient design, epidermis temperature is maintained at around 5ºC even when treating large areas continuously. This integral skin contact cooling significantly enhances patient safety particularly when treating dark skin patients.

In addition it enhances efficacy since it allows safe use of higher fluences and finally it improves patient comfort since these low temperatures induce an analgesic effect. As practitioners are well aware, patient’s satisfaction in photoepilation is both a function of treatment efficacy as well as comfort during the treatment. Both Variable Pulse Technology and TEC contact cooling allow safe use of higher energy fluences which results in improved treatment efficiency with fewer treatment sessions.

What else makes our machine different?

Unique Hair Removal Variable Pulse Form Technology

Variable Pulse Form Technology: a unique technology offering three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse.

Laser technology for dermatology use was invented in the mid-70s. It was a technological breakthrough yet limited in many ways. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that was invented in the 90s still could not overcome all of those limitations.

After 10 years of research conducted in advanced Laser Clinics, Therapolis is introducing its unique Variable Pulse technology. This proprietary technology maximizes the control of treatment parameters, thus providing a wide range of possibilities to obtain optimal results for all skin types and hair types, in most treatment cases, in all treatment stages.

World First: 3 Pulse Forms in the same hair removal system gives you the best results

Variable Pulse Form Technology provides three different pulse configurations in one system, delivering maximum hair removal results at all treatment stages for all skin types and hair types
1) Smooth Pulse Form

Single, consistent peak

Ideal for treatment of:

  • Darker Skin Types
  • Thick Dark Hair
2) Long Pulse Form 

Multiple pulses: 

Ideal for treatment of:

  • Medium Skin Types
  • Medium Thick Brown Hair
3) High Pulse Form 

Multiple high-peak pulses

Ideal for treatment of:

  • Light Skin Types
  • Light Thin Hair

Variable Pulse Form Technology Clinical Advantage

Three stages of treatment for maximum hair removal results

Variable Pulse Form Technology shortens the number of treatments needed to obtain maximal hair removal results
Variable Pulse Form Hair Removal Stages

Variable Pulse Form gives you:

  • 30%-40% reduction in number of hair removal treatments
  • Up to 95% hair reduction

Therapolis’s Laser-IPL Hair Removal technology is powered by Variable Pulse Form Technology. It offers the possibility to choose, manually or automatically, three different pulse configurations in one aesthetic device: Smooth, Long or High.

With this superior technology, we provide you the highest treatment safety, and the most desirable effectiveness providing incredible results with high levels of comfort. You feel no pain.

Laser-IPL Hair Removal FAQ

What is the advantage of Therapolis’s Laser-IPL Hair Removal systems?

The advanced technology provides highly effective hair reduction results with low secondary effects and superior patient comfort.

What is Variable Pulse Technology?

This unique technology is based on the xenon flash lamp. It incorporates Intensive Pulse Light and the choice of three different pulse configurations: Smooth/ Long/ High pulse for more precise case treatment parameters

How do the Hair Removal Devices work?

They are based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis, which means that only the melanin in the hair follicles is targeted, and not the surrounding skin. In addition, wave guide Contact Cooling (0°C) will produce skin analgesia (no pain) and prevent skin burns

How effective is the treatment?

The results can be appreciated after the first treatment session: fewer hairs/cm in the body areas treated; the hair will become thinner and lighter with every session until there is more than 90% hair reduction

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment provided by Variable Pulse Form Technology and the Contact Cooling is completely safe

How frequently should be treatments be performed?

Every 4-6 weeks on the face and every 8 weeks and up on the body. After three sessions the treatment frequency will be adjusted depending on hair growth

What is the average number of treatments required to achieve maximum hair removal?

The average on the face is 8-10 sessions. On the body, for women, around 6-8 sessions and for men, around 10-12 sessions

How well is Laser-IPL Hair Removal treatment tolerated?

Patients consistently report that the treatments are very well tolerated and that there is little if any discomfort

Is it necessary to use analgesic creams prior to the treatment?

No, we use the latest advanced technology so there is no need to use Emla, Lidocaine or similar creams. There is also no need to use cold ultrasound gel during the treatment for cooling purposes. These products are used only on inferior devices that do not use the latest contact cooling technology.

Are there any contraindications?

As in any light therapy: sunburn, pregnancy, unsupervised major systemic health problems, cancer, skin intolerance, photosensitive medication

Laser-IPL Hair Removal Prices Women

WomenPrice per treatment
Eyebrows (in between)€25
Side Burns€25
Upper Lip€20
Face - full€60
Back of Neck€25
Under Arms€30
Stomach - half€40
Stomach - full€60
Arms - half€60
Arms - full€80
Back - half€60
Bikini - line€40
Bikini - full€70
Legs - top half€80
Legs - bottom half€70
Legs - full€130
Full Body€265

Laser-IPL Hair Removal Prices Men

MenPrice per treatment
Between Eyebrows€25
Back of Neck€25
Under Arms€40
Arms - half€60
Arms - full€100
Legs - half€100
Legs - full€170
Full Body€425