3D Lipo PPC Cream


  • Supports lipolysis by decreasing the size of fat cells

  • Smoothes cellulite

  • Enhances the skin tone

  • Increases skin elasticity

  • Good for post liposuction, post pregnancy & lymphatic drainage


Size: 200ml

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3D LipoPPC is a advanced solution (derived from Soybean) for the reduction of cellulite and excessive fat. The micronised active ingredient is penetrated into the skin and acts in the subcutaneous fat. It generates heat under the skin layer, increasing local metabolism. Increases excretion (sweating) and blood flow. These consecutive actions help to regulate the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer.

When combined with a 3D Lipo professional treatment and following a healthy lifestyle results can be expected in 2-3 weeks.


Applying the PPC to the fat will increase the temperature of the fat cell by 1-2 degrees. This will create a ‘melting’ within the fat cell and a cell stimulating effect in the area. The PPC cream and ampoules contains Capsicum (chilli), this also increases the temperature within the skin to enhance this effect. This heat sensation will be generated within 5-10 minutes and last for approximately 30 minutes within the skin.

PPC Cream is for topical use only and is not to be used on the face, neck décolleté and groin area.

Do not use when on skin thinning medications or cream.


PPC (Phosphatidylcholine) increases the levels of Triglyceride lipase – a natural enzyme in the body that decreases the amount of fat inside the cell.

L-Carnitine – amino acid, encourages the metabolism of the fat. Increases energy and fat burning. It transports fatty acids in to the mitochondria of the cell.

Sodium Deoxycholate – encourages the break-up of fat cells. Often used in mesotherapy injections for cellulite.

Caffeine – Creates short term water loss in the skin to give a smoothing and tightening effect on the skin.