Ultrasonic Spatula – Ultra Cleanse Facial

Revolutionary facial cleansing without steam!

A new pain free technology for facial cleansing that uses an ultrasound spatula innovation to thoroughly cleanse the skin that eliminates the need for steam and minimizes manual extraction. Revolutionary!

The Ultra Cleanse spatula vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies of 25000 micro-vibrations per second, producing the mechanical detachment of the cells on the skin’s surface.

The benefits for your skin:

  • Facilitating the opening of the pores
  • Removes impurities
  • Tones the surface of the skin with a bio-stimulating effect
  • Cold vaporising of cleansing lotions (aerolisation)
  • Removes dead cells, oil and traces of makeup
  • Extremely effective cleansing and de-incrusting effect

Once you have tried if, you will never want to go back to steam ever again!

We also offer a selection of steam based cleansing facials known as our “Deep Cleanse Deluxe” which incorporate all the elements of the Ultra Cleanse Facial, but use the traditional steam methodology of skin preparation prior to manual extraction.

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Deep Cleansing Medi-Facial Prices

Cleansing Facial TreatmentSinglex 6 Prepaid
Facial Consultationfree
Deep Cleansing Medi-Facial€65€360
Ultra Cleanse Medi-Facial€65€360
Cleansing Facial Addon Upgrades:
Addon: Enzymatic Exfoliating Mask+ €20+ €100
Addon: Diamond MicroDermabrasion+ €25+ €120
Addon: Light Peel+ €35+ €210
Addon: Sono LDM+ €40+ €180
Addon: Sono LDM Intensive+ €65+ €330
Addon: LED Photo Rejuvenation+ €30+ €160
Addon: Mesotherapy+ €65+ €350
Addon: Radio Frequency+ €55+ €300
The Ultimate Treatment
3D Skintech Deep Cleansing Medi-Facial€195€1055

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