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Why choose ul-Therma Lift?

Healthy skin has the ability to expand and contract like an elastic band. When you pull on an elastic band and release it, it pings back to its original shape.

Unfortunately, as we age, we lose elastin and the ability for our skin hold onto its original shape. This loss of elasticity causes drooping skin, and can significantly add years on how young we actually look.

At the same time, we also lose collagen. This is the “scaffolding structure beneath the skin that hold it together in an even uniform contour. Wrinkles form where we have a loss of collagen.

Therefore, in order to look younger, we need to target the generation of both elastin and collagen within the skin.

u-Therma Lift directly targets both collagen and elastin for firming, tighter and healthier looking skin. Roll back the years!

What is u-Therma Lift?

u-Therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, yet powerful high-tech firming & lifting treatment for your face and/or neck and decollete.

It combines 2 med-spa technologies in one treatment: Focus-Fractional Radio Frequency followed by wave-pulsed Ultrasound.

Two Effective Treatment Technologies

Focus-Fractional Radio Frequency

Focus-Fractional Radio Frequency penetrates deep within the dermis to directly target both the loss of elasticity and collagen. By gently heating the skin, the RF energy causes the elastin fibres to shrink, essentially pinging back the elastic band of your skin to reveal a new younger you. The soothing hear energy also stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts, the factory that produces collagen.

Dual-wave-pulsed Ultrasound

A new innovation in the world of Ultrasound, the energy is oscillated between 2 different wavelengths to cause a dynamic strengthening of the skin’s tissues both within the superficial layer and deep within. A completely comfortable light heat is felt, and the result is glowing, younger looking skin.

u-Therma Lift Prices

 Consultationx 1x 4 Pre-paidx 8 pre-paid
Face with EyesFree€125€490€890
Neck & DecolleteFree€125€490€890
Face with Eyes, Neck & DecolleteFree€175€685€1195

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