Sono LDM – Ultrasound Face Rejuvenation

Visible results right-away!

Proven method to rebuild your skin’s inner structure

Sono LDM is recommended for:

  • Anti-Ageing
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Tightening
  • Acne
  • Acne Scars
  • Scars
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Sono LDM Ultrasound Beauty Breakthrough:

The effect of Ultrasound is now multiplied by incorporating two new additional Sono technologies:

  • LDM (Local Dynamic Micromassage)
  • Ultrasound waves with frequencies of 10Mhz

LDM technology lets you firm up and correctly align collagen fibers in a single stroke.

At the same time, you are also stimulating collagen formation and reducing collagen degradation.

LDM produces three restorative actions:  thermal, biochemical, and mechanical, to produce incredible non-invasive results.

This groundbreaking new technology Sono LDM is based on the concept of using two pairs of ultrasonic waves, which fluctuate in frequency 1000 times/sec, thereby generating wave pulses to create amazing results.

This rapid change in frequency creates pulsating pressure fluctuations within the tissues and causes a deep restorative massage effect with a unique spectrum of action: Local Dynamic Micro-massage (LDM).

At Therapolis, we are so impressed with this incredible non-invasive technology we offer a Sono LDM Free Trial so you can see why!

The effect of Sono LDM on the skin:

Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation:

Through differentiation of the Fibrocytes into the Fibroblasts, activation of the new collagen production and modulation of the collagenase expression

Acne and Scar:

Through improvement of the collagen structure, increase of the micro-circulation and metabolism activation

Skin tightening / Pore minimization:

Through improvement of the collagen structure, production of new collagen, modulation of the collagenase expression, increase of the tugor in the tisue as well as extension of the intercellular space.


What does LDM stand for?

LDM is the abbreviation for Local Dynamic Micro massage of the dermal tissue structures acting directly on the cells and fibres

How does Sono LDM work?

This new and unique technique combines different ultrasonic frequencies up to 10Mhz, alternating between frequencies up to 1000 times per second, generating wave pulses within the body with different pressure distributions.

What effects does Sono LDM have on the skin?

LDM combines three columns of modern anti-ageing concepts for skin rejuvenation and produces thermal, biochemical and mechanical effects in one operation. The collagen fibres become tightened and spatially organised, the endogenous collagen production will be stimulated and its degradation will be reduced. Each treatment gives partial reversal of skin ageing.

Who can be treated with Sono LDM?

LDM is suitable for every skin type and can be used anytime of the year. Everybody can benefit from LDM®. Pregnancy and certain medical conditions are contraindicated.

How long does LDM last for?

LDM keeps the skin young! Dependant on the age and condition of the skin an introductory course of two sessions per week for 8 – 12 weeks is recommended.

Subsequently, according to the skin problem the maintance sessions are recommended every 2 -3 months.


Sono LDM treatments make an excellent combination with:

  • plastic surgery
  • aesthetic surgery
  • dermatology: pre & post:
  • facelift
  • anti-ageing cosmetic injections

10 Sono LDM treatments available

Treatment ProgramTreatment DurationRecommended No. of Treatments
Wrinkles & Lines20 mins8 - 12
Wrinkles & Lines Intensive40 mins8 - 12
Lifting20 mins8 - 12
Lifting Intensive40 mins8 - 12
Connective Tissue Lift20 mins8 - 12
Connective Tissue Lift Intensive40 mins8 - 12
Acne20 mins8 - 12
Acne Intensive30 mins8 - 12
Acne Scars20 mins8
Bright Eyes45mins8

Sono LDM Prices

Sono LDM TreatmentsConsultationx1x8x12
Standard LDM TreatmentFree€65€470€670
Intensive LDM Treatment ProgramsFree€80€580€795
Bright EyesFree€55€400

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